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New version v0.6
2018-10-19 21:08:47
-Added metatag to prevent download pages from indexing in Google and other search engines.
-Added latest blog entry title on homepage.
-Files with 0 downloads older than 2 days will be deleted.
-update privacy policy.
-update terms and conditions.
New update: v0.5
2018-10-09 22:41:13

We updated our internal code and all code dependencies. We improved this:

- Faster downloads. Before: until 2.5MB/s Now: until 11MB/s (depends on the number of users downloading files)

- We allow only file sizes of 100MB, so at least now you can choose to keep your files until 100 days online.

change of plans: v0.4 alpha
2017-02-18 15:49:17

We release v0.4 alpha of with a change of plans:

Release notes:

-All file types allowed. Executables like .exe are not allowed.

-New file retention time of 90 days.

-Added advertisment as a way of monetize this project.

-Updated privacy policy.

road to v0.3
2016-10-14 19:40:23

You can enjoy new features as we develop them for v0.3:

-You can now upload files and keep them online for 15 or 30 days.

-More file types allowed! We are thinking about allowing any type of file in the future.

-File ids and password are now longer and more secure.

-Fixed downloading "large" files, we rewrited the download code.

-We now calculate and store the SHA1 hash for the files.

-We now display on the download page more info about the file like SHA1 hash and file size.

-More little improvements.


Future work until v0.3 release:

-Stop logging all Apache access following a normal pattern of use. So if now the IP we log is CloudFlare's IP and not your real IP, the next step is to actually stop logging all request which follow the normal case of use of users: home page, news page, upload or download. Because privacy matters!!

-Little redesign of download page and password handle.


We remember we take your privacy seriously, but all illegal content will be deleted when reported because we do not scan in any way the uploaded files.

You can report illegal content on:

about nullupload
2016-09-24 10:33:00

This website is and will be a file upload utility which takes your privacy seriously whenever it can.

Right now we are on alpha stage and with many file upload limitations.

Privacy Policy will be updated and changed in the future.

While in Alpha and Beta stage we will log more things for debug porpouses. But still be privacy preserving.

What we log and store right now:

-Default Apache GET access logging. But for normal use the IP logged is Cloudflare's IP, not user real IP.

-Warning and error logs from the application itself.

-We store: original filenames (if selected by user), mime type, the file itself, upload date, number of downloads, last download date, download password (if selected) and delete password. Passwords are stored hashed.

We provide for testing this website just 4GB of total storage and until 100MB per file. Files will be deleted within 24 hours or 7 days.

We will provide new features in the future.

We do not activelly scan the uploaded files.

All reported illegal files will be removed as soon as possible. You can report illegal files on our email.

Copyright 2016-2018 - Version: v0.6

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